zzzzzzzHusband. Drummer. Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Specialist. Music and Art Collector. Road Cyclist. Volunteer. Traveler. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Amateur Photographer. Media/News/Coffee Junkie. Hockey Fan.


Dedicated. Resourceful. Experienced. Writes thoughtful emails and checks spelling for accuracy.

How do I ensure interactions with customers and brand supporters are memorable? By being a genuine, trusted resource who values the client’s decision to select our services. It's about collaborating, sharing ideas, expertise and experiences to assist people - and the companies they embrace - in achieving their objectives. 

Success happens when everyone benefits.

For my entire professional career, I have focused on providing excellent customer service. After all, client engagement is essential for successfully building and maximizing brand equity. 

Integrity and creativity are essential to my success and facility in B2B, B2C, advertising, marketing and communications, customer engagement, proposal development, social media implementation and best practices, copy writing and editing, media relations, promotions planning, special events, market research and corporate sponsorship. I am inspired by colleagues who enjoy producing effective and creative solutions for our clients - and each another.